Contacting a counsellor could be the bravest step you ever take!

Many people get to a stage in their life when they feel they need to deal with issues that they may have been carrying around with them for some years, with no idea where, how or who to ask for help.

Counselling and Psychotherapy gives you the opportunity to talk about what is troubling you, to explore the reasons why you don't seem able to make changes and move on to a more satisfying and rewarding way of living.

You may have bottled things up and be feeling depressed, stressed, anxious, abused and need to talk to a professionally qualified counsellor, who will listen to what you have to say, without judgement, in a completely confidential and comfortable environment.

Talking and working with a qualified and experienced counsellor can help you feel heard and understood, release bottled up feelings, explore choices and solutions and feel better about yourself.